Introducing slashWisDom, the P.E.T [Presenter, Entertainer, Thinker]; a member and Co-Founder of Straight From Tha Mothaland Entertainment(SFTME).

Olisaemeka slashWisDom Echeazu is a Nigerian artiste, born and raised in Surulere, Lagos. His voyage and experience in life furnished his love for entertainment. In music, he is highly influenced by some American acts like Common, Talib Kweli, Nas etc. While in dancing, he is influenced by some of Ndombolo’s acts and his Nigerian/Igbo culture.

slashWisDom is from a family where “discipline is practiced before enjoyment”, something that reflects on his art. His love for entertainment began in primary school, when he had his first dance solo. He was always dancing as his class mates beat on the drums with rhythm. His energy is his light that shines in every performance. slashWisDom moved to United States in 1998, and decided to pursue his entertainment dream professionally in 2012.

In 2003, slashWisDom & his siblings created a group called “Nwanne na Nwanne“. Nwanne na Nwanne, meaning brothers & sisters in igbo; is a dance group comprising slash’s biological siblings and some recently add-ons from all around the globe. They have performed in various events like weddings, social gatherings, African night, Nigerian Independence, Nigerian Reunion, Concerts, etc.

They are well known for their striking performances from the traditional to the modern day ndombolo. In 2009, slashWisDom became the choreographer for the African Students Association in Tampa. Him & his partner Conphidance plans on recruiting a large team of dancers under Nwanne na Nwanne. They will be traveling to various cities & countries to entertain the world.

When we dance, we dance away our sorrow. But we don’t just dance, WE ENTERTAIN!

Oti Igba” ~ The Drummer; the name he is called when he carries the drum. slashWisDom is also a percussionist. His favorite instrument is the Djembe. He has done multiple solo performances as well as traveled with the group at various functions. The goal was to electrify the stage and transfer the positive energy to the people and it was accomplished. You can find slashWisDom at your next function with his Djembe Drum giving some Afrobeats to the lovers of sound and positive vibes.

During his years of development, slash started drafting his plan on his musical career approach. He considers himself a poetic rapper with soul hymns that massage hearts with words.

He writes passage ways for lost souls to unfold.

He is not a conscious musician, rather an entertainer that fortifies through positive vibes. His music is inspirational and so he must #LetItSpread.

slashWisDom has a slew of poetry performances at private functions, Universities, African Night Events, Weddings, etc. His poetry brings excitement, sadness, awareness, belief in a new tomorrow.

In 2010, slashWisDom released his first official single titled “Microfone Testing” featuring Doc C & Thompson. The track was a metaphor, implying an upcoming artist looking through the peep hole before walking through the door of the music industry. Following Microfone Testing were hit singles like “Me & You, You Be Ashewo, Ask About Me, and Fantasy Girl.

slashWisDom released his first music video in 2012; Fantasy Girl featuring Mr. Raw of Faraw. The video was DIRECTED BY SEV-ONE FILMS. Since then he has worked with the likes of Conphidance, Expression Pro & Tunde Abiola in creating more video projects.

In 2013, he released his first mixtape titled “Right About Now“. The 16 track tape was a mixture of different styles, genres, skits and interludes. The tape featured other talented acts like Sim C, SamDee, SoulBrotha (SB), Teeklef, Nollege Wizdumb, Rosena Charles, Dj Dee Money, Dj Don X, Bayomi (formally known as Splashjosh). “Right About Now” was a success with hit songs like Village Love, Shi Le Kun, Right About Now II, The Principle, just to name a few. It had the listeners yearning for more. The mixtape was featured on various popular websites, blogs, Dj mixtapes and more. slashWisDom took some of the tracks to the stage at various arenas with the energy that the crowd couldn’t resist. 

After the release of the critically acclaimed mixtape, slashWisDom kept giving the fans good music as promised. He released Mindstate, which was a freestyle over “No I.D & Common’s State to State“, then released MellyRose featuring Sim C, a lovers’ anthem. Not long after that, slashWisDom a prolific Hip Hop artist released Cure My Kraze feat. Spinner. This hit single helped elevate slashWisDom’s music career. He performed at many states along side Harrison Stubblefield, Dikanda Dikanda, Sim C, Gary Desinord & Conphidance. slashWisDom and his team left a mark on every stage. Once the music video was released, the energy rose up again. The request to perform Cure My Kraze never ceased. Following Cure My Kraze, was Pepper Dem, Fufu For Thought, Kedu Ebe Isi, Incline (featuring HKN, Ymoro) and Wahala No Dey just to name a few.

He also worked on some Covers for Passenger’s Let Her Go, Fat Joe’s All The Way Up, Desiigner’s Panda and more. slashWisDom’s versatility is like non other. This lead him to collaborating with the likes of Zara, Afrotunes, Yesi, Dj Expression, TCustomz, Harinder just to name a few.

There is more to come. More grounds to cover. More art to create. We will #LetItSpread

slashWisDom is an artist and a definition of what art is.

“#StandGidigba” – slashWisDom

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